Know About Building a Career in the Music Industry

We are a company started by few friends to provide tangible and intangible music products to customers. Started as a small startup, we have now been registered as an LLC company. We understand that every client is different and so are their needs. especially when pertaining to music, each one's opinion is different, again based on their mood and day. We aim to provide solutions and products to any client with varied interest, through different departments. We have developed a focus to provide professional services for the labels and customers associated with us. Our presence is felt and strongly rooted with all major outlets like the Amazon, Spotify, iTunes etc.

Our mission and Vision has led to a growth on the successful path.

Mission: To provide high quality, professional music services and products, to groups, individuals and organisations.

Vision: To be the strongest distributor and manufacturer of great music and audio, in our locality.

These have led us to emerge as one of the successful leading names in the nation, across eth globe. Apart from this, our success is also defined by the personal approach that we take towards each artist and brands that we work with.

Our relationship with the customers, that enables us to promote and sell our products via them, is helping us in keeping the expectations of the clients well, and also strengthens our relations.
Apart from producing music, we are also into educational training. We conduct classes for various instruments for those passionate souls, looking for great music school.
Our school conducts classes in the following:


Wind Instruments


We also teach video editing, voice modulation, etc. the duration lasts for initially 2 months, for short courses, 3-9 months for instruments courses and 2 years for a complete learning through a holistic approach. At the end of each course, the student is awarded a certificate that shows their progress in the journey.